CREC Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters of the Cornell Real Estate Council

Chapters of the Cornell Real Estate Council

In order to encourage local and regional networking and engagement of CREC members, a key element of the re-launch of CREC is the formation of CREC Regional Chapters. Most of our initial chapters, such as those in Philadelphia and South Florida, are a continuation and slight name change in very active and established regional efforts; alumni in these areas have been hosting regular networking and educational events for fellow real estate industry colleagues for years. Our expectation is that those activities will continue or perhaps expand now that they are affiliated with CREC. To learn more about activities planned by our Regional Chapters, please click on your area.

Which Chapter(s) should I affiliate with?

Which CREC Chapter(s) you choose to affiliate with will depend on where you live and work. Most members join the Chapter in the city or region where they live, while others may choose to join a Chapter in regions where they transact business. If you live in an area where there isn’t a formal CREC Chapter, you might considering joining an At-Large Chapter (U.S. or International) or organizing a new CREC Chapter yourself.

Regional Chapter Leadership

In order to support local CREC membership, the leadership teams of each Regional Chapter have access to the RC Leader Portal. This resource will enable chapters to manage membership lists, send welcome emails to potential new members who have registered for CREC National, create event announcements & calendar posts and much more! To learn more about the portal and view a recording of the live training session, CLICK HERE