The Associate Real Estate Council (AREC) is the official student organization connecting graduate-level students across campus who are pursuing careers in real estate related fields. AREC seeks to build relationships for the mutual benefit of its members and companies seeking to recruit Cornell students within the real estate industry.

* This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.

Our Members

The AREC experience is enhanced by the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of its members.  AREC’s membership includes students from the Baker Program in Real Estate, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Master of Management (MMH) in Hospitality and City & Regional Planning Program (MRP).

Our Value Proposition

AREC provides a rich combination of programing that allows graduate students to experience real estate outside of the classroom.  Signature AREC events fall into the following categories: networking events, industry spotlight and career preparation.

Event Categories

Network Events

Build relationships with current and future real estate leaders

  • Treks to visit leading real estate companies in major cities around the world
  • Networking events with potential employers
  • Social events with graduate students across different fields of study

Industry Spotlight

Gain exposure to various segments of the real estate industry

  • Speaker series with Cornell real estate alumni
  • Updates on current market trends
  • Overview of different real estate careers
  • Breakout sessions for deeper dives into preferred asset classes

Career Prep

Develop the skills you need to stand out as a professional

  • Interview preparation
  • Career Work Group (CWG) coordination
  • One-on-one resume review, real estate skills workshops, and career mentoring