Get Ready to Get Connected

In addition to attending the Annual Real Estate Conference, and more frequent events hosted by Regional Chapters, one of the great benefits that comes with your membership in the Cornell Real Estate Council is the ability to find, and connect with other Cornellians based upon shared criteria, such as geographic location, property type expertise and professional interests.

Doing a project in South Florida? Connect with local CREC members. Want to learn more about healthcare real estate? Connect with CREC members experienced in that asset class. Visiting Seattle and want to look up CREC members while you are there? Tap into the CREC database.

The power of our database depends upon participation from as many members as possible, so we hope that when you join CREC you will “opt in” to this database and fill out all of the requested fields. Rest assured you may “opt out” at any time if you find this more of a burden, but please know that many students and fellow alumni will benefit from your insight, perspective and expertise. So, to summarize: Displaying your CREC profile is optional (learn how to hide your profile), but we highly recommend filling out the entire registration form, completing and setting your profile public (which is only visible to CREC members) and “opting in” to share it with others. Learn more about this initiative.

Launch Special: Due to the generosity of our initial sponsors, for now CREC membership is free for all Cornell alumni and students. Membership tiers will be announced at a later date, at which time all members can decide what is the best fit for them.