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Seeking Alumni Support for Cornell Real Estate Students

Dear CREC members, and friends of Cornell Real Estate:

We hope this outreach finds you and your families both safe and sane in these challenging times.

In light of the Coronavirus-related disruptions to full time and summer employment opportunities, current graduate and undergraduate Cornell students have reached out to the Cornell Real Estate Council (“CREC”) Board of Directors inquiring whether alumni might be able to help them secure full- or part-time employment, including summer internships. And if those are not available in light of market uncertainty, would alumni be able to offer project- or research-related employment for weeks, months or for longer periods? It should surprise no one that students are facing meager employment prospects, and some even with secured offers rescinded, in light of the stifling combination of work-from-home, social-distancing and government-mandated economic shutdowns. We are reaching out in the hope that our members and friends in a position to offer meaningful opportunities will consider doing just that. Length of employment, compensation and other particulars are up to the parties to discuss.

CREC’s role is disseminating this request to our more than 1,400 members, and providing an on-line website that can facilitate posting and responding to employment opportunities (essentially an on-line job board, but available only to the CREC and Cornell student communities). Posting a job or project is as simple as following the instructions below. We will advise students when the site is populated with opportunities, which we hope will happen in a matter of days.

This is a very stressful and anxious time for our students, and it would be great if Cornellians could find a way to help fellow Cornellians.

Thank you in advance of your consideration.


CREC Board of Directors

Paul Rubacha, Chairman

Dave Rupert, President

Lynn Gray, Secretary

Jenny Wang

Doug Weill


Job Posting Instructions:

  • Go to www.cornellrec.org
  • In upper right hand corner of navigation bar, click “Post a Job”
  • For location, many jobs and projects will be designated “Remote” or “Virtual”
  • For job type, click the drop-down menu to choose one of the 5 options, e.g, full, part time, internship, etc.
  • The remaining fields are self explanatory, but be sure to include the email address or URL that will respond to interested students in this field: “Application email/URL”