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Why I Chose Cornell – Krizia Calmet, Baker ’19

It is hard to believe that the first semester is halfway completed. This has been an amazing introduction to the journey through the Baker Program in Real Estate. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the right program for my Master’s degree. I chose Baker for a multitude of reasons including its location, timeline, and most importantly – its people.

Krizia Calmet, Baker ’19, is a Masters of Professional Studies in Real Estate candidate in Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate. Prior to enrolling at Cornell, Krizia was a financial analyst at a family investment fund in Topeka, KS.


Even though it may seem peculiar that a global real estate program is based in a remote city in upstate New York, Ithaca fosters a close-knit community of students and a truly immersive learning experience. I knew I wanted to be in a place that was within driving distance of other major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Boston, and Toronto. However, I understood the importance and need to really focus on my studies with little distraction.


Another reason I chose Baker was due to the MBA-like length of the program. Coming from a finance background with limited real estate experience, I knew I needed a full two years to make a successful career change by immersing myself in real estate. The goal of the experience is expand my network through my two years at Cornell. The ultimate opportunity will be to establish both friendships and endearing connections with the alumni network.

Adding to the comparative MBA experience remains the crucial opportunity to have an internship between year one and two. This will give me the ability to practice what I have learned, while additionally allowing me to focus on my real estate career path. As a career changer, I see the internship experience being essential in securing a full-time position upon graduation.

The People

The main reason why I chose Baker was because of the people. When I visited and interviewed on campus in February – even though there was a blizzard – I was warmed by my interactions with each and every student, faculty member, and professor I encountered. Every student in the program comes from a unique professional and cultural background which is what makes the program so special. The collaborative learning environment is unique in the sense that students all come together to help one another succeed.

I am absolutely thrilled that I selected the Baker Program in Real Estate at Cornell to pursue my Master’s degree, and I look forward to the many adventures to come over the next two years!