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The Summer’s Over – Now What? CREC CAP to the Rescue!

Summer Interns: Most summer real estate-related internships have ended and it is time to sit back, reflect on your summer experience and decide what your next steps should be toward finding a full-time opportunity or next summer’s internship.

We are excited to announce The Cornell Real Estate Council’s newly launched Career Advisory Program (affectionately known as “CREC CAP”).  While our initial efforts will be directed toward current students (both graduate and undergraduate), we intend to also include alumni/ae in our Program’s focus because we all need guidance from time to time as we progress in our careers.

Mentorship – Only One Aspect of the Program

Mentorship will be only one aspect of our program. The needs of Cornellians in Real Estate are individual, and therefore networking guidance, interviewing skills workshops, resume reviews, crisis management, pivoting courage, gender specific challenges and additional supplemental 1:1 training will be appealing to student and alumni alike at different times.

CREC CAP’s activities will launch on Cornell’s Ithaca campus in mid September (for details see elsewhere on our website), and will continue with an event at the Cornell Real Estate Conference in NYC on October 19th.

How to Participate

In order for CREC CAP to flourish, we need participation from students and alumni. Students are the easy part: we are already working with student club, faculty and other on-campus leaders to make sure they are aware of our efforts. Alumni, we also need your help!  If you are interested in being part of CREC CAP in a leadership role, please email me, Lynn Gray, as soon as you can at lynnzgray@gocampusscout.com.  Thanks!