Attend an industry conference, Expand your CREC Network while you’re at it!

CREC would like to arrange gatherings at upcoming industry conferences! This initiative, sponsored by various CREC committees, is open to all members and is a great way to seek out and support fellow Cornellians at a conference you may be already planning to attend while building a CREC presence.

Meet-ups can range from a coffee, breakfast or breakout room, coordinated based on the number of interested participants and the budget of the leading CREC member.

Are you attending any industry conferences this year, and able to show up at one of the meet-ups, or host one yourself? Let us know by responding with the name and dates of any industry conferences you are scheduled to attend, and if you are willing to host a meet-up for CREC members who are also attending.

Upcoming conferences include:

ICSC– Las Vegas, NV May 22nd – May 24th

IHG Americas Investors Conference – Las Vegas, NV May 17th-19th

NYU Hospitality Investment Conference – New York, NY June 5th-7th

Phoenix Lodging Conference – Phoenix, AZ September 19th-22nd

ALIS Investors Conference – Los Angeles, CA January 22nd-24th

Whether a coffee, breakfast or breakout room, CREC has you covered! Email emily@cornellrec.org with the conference and dates you are scheduled to attend, and we will connect you to other members who are registered for it, with a meet up spot kindly offered by one of our CREC leaders; or, offer to be a host!

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